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Our mission is to match employers and employees, providing opportunities for both to reach their greatest potential. Working in the heartland of America, Liberty Staffing, Inc. specializes in working with information technology professionals and engineers. For those desiring to relocate to a different geographical location, we network with Staffing Professionals nationwide.


Services to Employees

  • Professional. Liberty Staffing, Inc. specializes in helping information technology professionals find the best employment opportunities to reach long-term career goals.
  • Confidential. All replies are confidential. Liberty Staffing, Inc. will not send your resume to anyone without your consent.
  • Free. All services are provided no charge to the applicant. Fees are 100% employer paid.

For current employment opportunities, please call (319) 466-7600.
To submit your resume to Liberty Staffing, please send it as an e-mail attachment, preferably a Word document by clicking here.

Here's what to expect when you send your resume to Liberty Staffing, Inc.:

  • We will evaluate your education and experience to determine if it meets our currently available career opportunities.
  • We will listen to you and assist in any way possible with your long-term career goals. We will respect your personal information.
  • We share your resume with a potential employer only after asking your permission.
  • We will schedule interviews and provide interview tips and client company information to help you highlight the areas your skills will meet the employer’s requirements during each interview.
  • We will assist you with accepting an employment offer and resigning your current position in a professional manner.
  • We will stay in touch for the first month to be certain your employment transition goes smoothly.
Our priority is helping you reach your long-term employment goals and career satisfaction.

Services to Employers

  • Professional. The search for the ideal candidate will be undertaken with honesty, integrity, and enthusiasm.
  • Confidential. The details of the opportunity will be shared only with qualified and interested candidates.
  • Efficient. Knowledge of the information technology industry and the requirements of your company will insure you interview only the best candidates, conserving both your time and resources.
To initiate a search for an information technology professional, please call (319) 466-7600.

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